The Rockport Opera House is equipped with traditional lighting in the auditorium house and is controlled independently from the stage lighting by a user-friendly lighting console. The stage lighting has three bars of strip lights on stage and 15 Altman 6-inch ellipsoidal reflector instruments with quartz lamps on pipes hanging from the ceiling and walls of the auditorium. This substantial system is capable of lighting most events and productions.

The stage lighting consists of thee electric pipes—up-stage, mid-stage, and down-stage—with two light bars on each pipe. Each light bar can be manually adjusted. There is an extra light bar that can be placed on any of the pipes, if needed. The electrics can be ganged together or controlled independently. Positioned above the audience to illuminate the stage is a pipe equipped with 13 of the Altman instruments with dimmers made by Intelligent Power Systems. Each IGBT dimmer pack incorporates six channels each for a total of 18 individually controlled dimmer channels. This bar is accessible via a lift that must be requested in advance. On either side of the audience at balcony level is a vertical pipe serviced by three channel dimmer packs. Currently, each pipe has one fixture that can be manually adjusted.

The lighting console is a 16-channel NSI/Leviton MC7516 and is located on the main floor in the semi-private lighting and sound booth space at the back of the auditorium behind the audience. The console is programmable by experienced lighting personnel only. Renters are welcome to use their own lighting designer, and lighting designers are welcome to bring their own DMX compatible console to control the system.

Main Auditorium Lighting effect on stage