Main Auditorium

The main floor of the auditorium seats 248 people in comfortable, unfixed chairs and the balcony has 110 stationary chairs for a total of 358 seats. The auditorium seating is adaptable to many arrangements to the row seating plan shown here. Tables with chairs can be placed on the main floor for weddings, banquets, and any type of meeting that requires table and chair seating, or the floor can be cleared for dances or other events that require a more open space.

The box office is at the entrance for ticket sales for either assigned seating or general admission.

Opera House Auditorium seating chart

The auditorium is rented for concerts, lectures, dance performances, variety shows, weddings, dinners, dances, auctions, fundraisers, plays, graduations, meetings, memorial services and funerals, birthday and retirement parties. The number of patrons allowed for dances is 358; for a table/chair setup, it is 115. The 115 table/chair setup allows ample room for a dance floor with a bar and tables for food or for other purposes on the sides of the auditorium. There is a professional sound system, professional theater lighting, high-speed fiber optics, and a projector and screen. The above-floor stage allows for perfect acoustics with the white shell in place for concerts and acapella music without the necessity of microphones. A lower octagonal stage is available for rent for the main floor to allow for performances for an “in the round” experience. The 5,000 Lumen LCD 1080 native HD projector with a front screen will show DVDs, CDs, or can link to a website via the ultra-high speed fiber-optic internet access to show your material for your program.

Decor in the auditorium features an upper wall of a mellow yellow color with a hand-painted gold stencil around the edge and a maroon painted wooden bead board on the lower portion of the wall.

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Main Auditorium Main Auditorium Main Auditorium