EVENT - Build a Better World with Biomimicry


Rockport Public Library presents the Chewonki Traveling Natural History Program - Build A Better World with Biomimicry.
July 10th, 1:30 to 2:30 PM in the Rockport Opera House Meeting Room

We will have a visit from Chewonki to learn how animals adapt to their surroundings to survive in the wild. Children will get to see several live animals! 


Build a Better World with Biomimicry

Bring Chewonki’s Biomimicry presentation to your community this summer and learn how nature can inspire us to Build a Better World. This program is only available for the summer of 2017.

Many of the engineering challenges facing humans today are similar to difficulties that exist in the natural world. Plants and animals have evolved through generations of successes and failures resulting in remarkable adaptations to overcome these challenges.

Join us as we explore the ways engineers have taken advantage of nature’s bright ideas through biomimicry. And meet some live animals that help us draw comparisons between human-made products and animal adaptations. As we look for creative solutions to future problems, perhaps we can find inspiration by observing nature in our own backyard!

Check out http://tnhp.chewonki.org/ for more information about the Chewonki Traveling Natural History Program.