The historic Opera House is a marvelous hall for live performance, especially for music. The acoustics are some of the finest in the area and can be further enhanced by reflective acoustic panels that serve to project sound from the stage to the back of the balcony. The gracious and open hall is ideal for unamplified concerts and theatrical performances. For those performances that need amplification, we have a 4000-watt sound system with a 16x4x2 channel mixer available.

An antique hand-painted canvas curtain graces the proscenium arch (22 feet wide by 13 feet high). Behind the curtain is a theatrically lit, wood floor stage (19 feet deep by 22 feet wide) amenable to dance, theater and musical performances. The removable acoustic panels reduce the stage slightly (to a floor space of 17 feet deep by 21 feet wide). A backstage stairway allows for private access to the Green Room downstairs for performers.

Bay Chamber Concerts, a frequent renter of the Rockport Opera House, describes the facility as "the finest acoustic hall that seats 400 audience members in the region." It is a landmark that conveys a time of grandeur and elegance while at the same time welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

We had the privilege of holding our auction at the Rockport Opera House this year. It was so easy. Your facility, your stage area, your kitchen area, your light and sound systems, all seem carefully and deliberately designed to accommodate small programs like ours with big dreams. Your manager could not have been more helpful, meeting with our committee early on in the process and popping in to the auction itself to double-check that we had everything we needed. We are a small organization, but your facility enabled us to raise more money with our auction than we ever have before.
—Muriel Curtis-Director, Station Maine
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