Videos From Rockport, Maine

Spring Arrives In The Harbor

Local filmmakers David Berez and Geoff Parker give their new Inspire 1 drone a test drive around the harbor as Spring shows its colors.

Union Hall Revival

A thoughtful and thorough renovation of an iconic building ushers in a resurgence of the Village.

How To Enjoy Winter In Rockport

New aerial footage of the new lift and trails. Wide, open, and uncrowded. Expanded views of the Gulf of Maine.

25th Toboggan Nationals 

Thanks to Tom Ianello, here's a quick video put together from footage he created while spending the day supporting his friends' tobogganing team. He says it's still a work in progress, but he's happy enough with what he's done in just one night to feel comfortable uploading and sharing. Next year, he says he'll actually be competing and will have a GoPro by then to get some even better footage!

2014 Holidays On The Harbor

The annual Holidays On The Harbor lit up the village once again. All told, 1,400 luminaries lined the village streets. Gospel song filled the Opera House. Shopkeepers opened their doors to showcase their wares and share cookies, cider, and wine. Of course, Santa checked to make sure he had everyone on his list. Even the Harbor Master sported a Christmas tree off her stern. But the real showstopper began when the caroling died down, the tree lit, and the boys fired up the candles just off the pier in Marine Park. A magical night indeed! 

Special thanks to Jason Haynes, Deb Chatfield, Monica Kelly and the HOH committee for the masterful planning and execution... to Harbor Master Abbie Leonard and Public Works Director Mike Young for seamless logistical support... to town father Charlton Ames for another amazing fireworks show... to Donald Heald and his pyrotechnics team for lighting things up... and, finally, to Big Al's for the "frosting on the cake" fireworks.

"Forktale" on Beech Hill Preserve

The premiere of a new and innovative community-building event took place October 4 at Beechnut atop Beech Hill Preserve, as part of a partnership with the Coastal Mountains Land Trust. The theme was "food and the power of place."  

What is "Forktale"? 

Well, two things are common to every culture: sharing food and telling stories. Forktale events are a forum for both. They take fabulous local stories and pair them with locally-sourced foods based on a theme. Here's what you get: Great stories told by real, actual humans. Wonderful local food prepared by local celebrity chefs. A chance to connect to your community at a unique event. Oh, and you get fun... we forgot to mention the fun.

To hear the first of many Forktale stories, just click on the local storytellers below:
* Meg Barclay
* Dan St. Peter
* Abby Norman
* John Viehman

Harbor Flyover

Local filmmakers deploy drone technology in this flyover tour of Marine Park, Maine's "high-tech harbor," now equipped with ultra high-speed internet access.

Historic Rockport

If you're interested in the history of Rockport, this great 30 minute documentary by filmmaker David Hoffman is well worth watching.